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Gacha Claw!

Welcome to Gacha Claw – your ultimate spot for non-stop arcade thrills in the heart of Las Vegas! ​At Gacha Claw, the vibes are always high, and the games are next level. Your go-to for the coolest claw and gacha action in town. Our founders bring a passion for creating an unforgettable experience. Gacha Claw is more than a hangout; it's a place where every win is a celebration.​ Swing by and join the Gacha Claw party – because who needs a dull arcade when you can have a blast with us? 🎉✨​


Who We Are

Gacha Claw – a humble venture born from a journey deeply rooted in the gaming and entertainment realm. With a background in owning a game shop and a keen interest in video games, tabletop games, and the joy of claw machines, Gacha Claw is a testament to a collective appreciation for the diverse interests within the gaming community. Our goal is to have a family-friendly atmosphere for all ages.​ More than an arcade, Gacha Claw is an extension of shared experiences, a space designed for enthusiasts seeking joy in play. Imagine a place with awesome prizes, a welcoming atmosphere, and imported drinks and snacks that add a delightful twist to every visit. We want to provide you with the best time possible. As big fans of Claws & Gachas ourselves, you can rest assured that we won't skimp on the prizes or variety!​


Claw Machines

We hope to always have new, exciting, and culturally relevant prizes for all ages! Feel free to make suggestions anytime you come in on what you'd like to see next! You can expect a challenging (but never too difficult) experience with our machines. Our main focus is Anime & Video Games, but we will always have some prizes for all!


Gacha Machines

Gachas! These cute little collectibles feature goofy and kawaii designs! Each series has multiple prizes you could win! Our variety of options will be rotating often, so make sure you snag what you're looking for while it lasts!


Imported Drinks & Snacks

Warning: If you stare too long, you might drool! Come in and give a shot to some hard-to-find goodies! We currently feature multiple different imported drinks and snacks, and we hope to further expand our variety as we hear your feedback!

Our Focus & Commitment

At most Claw Machine arcades, you will see generic prizes and plushies. Random teddy bears, weird characters you've never seen, or even some very inaccurate plushies. We have a focus on Anime & Video Games. Not only that, but we will be constantly rotating out our selections to always bring you variety. It is our commitment that you always see new items. Gacha Claw also has unique prizes you don't normally see stateside in claw machines; figures, accessories, collectibles, and more! 

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